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Web Applications

An application program that is stored on a remote server, which users can access through the use of a web browser. Common examples of web applications are online retail sites, online banking services or online auctions.

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Cross-Platform Apps

We can make programs or systems that will function correctly over different operating systems, over different programming environments, and even over different types of physical hardware devices.


Online games are becoming more popular as time goes on; We make our games using the leading software and industry practices ensuring the standard of our product will stand up for itself.

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Desktop Software

A local version of a service that you can install on your machine as well as several others, which allows an interaction option between the application and the user without the need for an existing internet connection after installation.


To enable your users to connect with each other and to play in real time, multiplayer is what you need. We can help you tightly integrate multiplayer communication in your end product.

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Support And Maintenance

Many of our customers need remote access to cloud based software solutions. We provide and take care of the home for their data, and we keep things running smoothly so you don't have to worry.

Need Bespoke Software?

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Our friendly team will

Provide a free consultation
Design and build your solution
Make the journey easy and friendly
Support you throughout the process and beyond

Our friendly team will

Provide a free consultation
Design and build your solution
Make the journey easy and friendly
Support you throughout the process and beyond

How Can We Help You?

Customer Journey At A Glance

Customer Journey At A Glance

Customer Journey In Detail

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

We understand that your ideas are precious, so we’re always willing to sign an NDA and other relevant legal agreements before entering into a discussion with you if this is something you require.

Project Discussion

Once everyone’s ready, we’ll arrange a meeting, face to face or virtually to suit your requirements, to discuss your project. If all you know is you need an app / game / piece of software of any kind, and you just want it to run quickly and smoothly and look great, then you already have enough information. Our team will get into the nitty-gritty details of your project and make sure we know exactly what it is you need and how you need it done. We won’t baffle you with tech jargon that only developers understand, we pride ourselves on being approachable and will speak in real world terms so you know exactly what it is you’re signing up for. Give us a call, or get in touch to schedule a free, no obligation consultation, and we’ll have a simple, straightforward fact finding conversation where you can tell us all about your goals. You’ll leave the conversation armed with knowledge about what sorts of solutions we can develop, and a deadline to receive your proposal.

Analysis and Estimation

Once we have the specific project goals from you, we will take it to our team and come together to analyse exactly what the project will entail and what resources we need to allocate to you. Next, we’ll send you a proposal, with a full, descriptive breakdown of a potential solution, all associated costs so that you know everything ahead of time. This process is extremely important and we will be thorough in assessing your needs in order to provide you with a fair pricing estimate for your project. Where appropriate we’ll include the various options you can choose from to package your solution in a way that matches your needs and budget. You will still not have been charged a penny up until this point, and we won’t pressure you to make a decision.

Signing the Software Development Agreement

When you’re ready to go ahead with the development, we’ll provide you with a software agreement which both parties will sign, so that you can be confident in what to expect from us, and how it is going to be delivered.

Wireframing and Design

Prior planning prevents future failing, so at this stage we iron out the product design for you and make sure everything will work as you intend it to.
Wireframing is an important part of the process as it allows us to troubleshoot and problem solve any issues in a unforeseen UI and UX issues before functional development begins.

UI/UX Functionality Development and Design

With the project outlined, we’ll start developing your project, and adjacently our creative team will work with you to thoroughly develop the high fidelity user interface templates that’ll make up the visual aspect of your product. We’ll deliver visual passes for your consideration, as well as develop the brand and palette if this is something you have not opted to provide yourselves. The user interface deals with how users interact with your product and we use our talent and experience in the industry to tailor make and design a customer experience that best meets your goals and the needs of your users. The user experience deals with how users will experience your app and how certain features and design elements will make their experience a more enjoyable one. With each project, we aspire to create delightful, memorable experiences that give your customers a reason to return.


Once we have a solid foundation set from the previous steps, now is the time to develop things further. Here we take into account feedback from you about any aspect of the product that you would like changed or revised, and we implement those changes effectively in a prompt manner for you to reassess. We can also offer our own guidance and feedback on how we feel the product could be brought more into line with your goals if you want an outcome but aren’t sure how to achieve it. It’s our goal to help you achieve your goals and we can use our expertise to help you do that.

Quality Assurance Testing

Now that the product is made it’s time to make sure it’s really up to scratch. We’ll invite you and any other stakeholders you wish to test your product ahead of its full release so that you can refine any finer detail as you see fit. It doesn’t stop there, we test the product in house and try to break it, and if we do manage to then we fix it. In doing this we then know with confidence that what we are giving to you is a robust, tested piece of software that can stand up to customer strain.

Launching the App

Once all the boxes have been checked, the t’s crossed and the i’s dotted it’s time to launch your app. We will provide you with full project files and are on hand to help as you decide how and when to launch your software. Although we are not a marketing company, we do offer some support and can get together cutting edge graphic images to help showcase your products on various online platforms, helping you attract attention and get eyes on your product.

Post-Launch Support

DotC Studios are there for you every step of the way, even after your software making journey has been completed. We are on hand to provide server hosting, bug fixing and general maintenance and we have a variety of packages to suit your needs.