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A Little Bit About Us

We solve your problems at DotC Studios, and we’ll make it easy for you. Come to us for your adaptive, responsive Web and mobile applications, your cloud based remote Saas solutions, or your immersive gaming experiences and multiplayer functionality. Not sure what you’re looking for? DotC Studios provide the full experience, from initial consultation, to design and development, and provide you with support, maintenance, and beyond. Give us a call or get in touch with us today for a free, no obligation consultation. We don’t do jargon here, we’ll have an honest conversation about what will suit you, based on what you think you need. It really is that simple.

Who Are We?

Our team is full of diverse talent, consisting of developers and graphic designers of all levels, with our can-do attitude we make bespoke custom software that helps your business achieve more. We believe in delivering excellence and our team always strives for the very best in everything we do. Our team, like our products, are adaptive and responsive, and we pride ourselves on our personable approach.

Where Are We?

DotC Studios is based in the heart of rainy old South Wales, central to both Cardiff and the Rhondda Valleys. We take pride in our Welsh roots and seek to employ local Welsh talent wherever possible. Our office on Sterling Drive is also home to many more thriving local businesses, so if you’d like to come in and discuss a project you’ve been thinking about or wanting help with, our door is always open.

Our Workflow

Teamwork is paramount to everything we do, and we utilize seamless production pipelines to make sure all the cogs are turning perfectly. Our team is encouraged to showcase any problems so they can be solved quickly and efficiently, this keeps everyone on task and working effectively. We all come together to deliver above and beyond what our clients need. We take an all hands on deck approach, so when you contact us, you’ll speak to a real person working directly for the business, who’ll speak sensibly about your needs and avoid jargon so you can be confident in the service that you are getting.

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What We Do

We develop and create bespoke software solutions from the ground up, working hand in hand with our clients every step of the way to ensure 100% satisfaction. Whether it is an adaptive enterprise web application to ensure your business can run anywhere in the world, a cross-platform suite of products so that all devices keep you moving, or an interactive gaming experience with all the art and sound for your educational or entertainment goals, DotC Studios have the talent and resources to help you achieve any of these goals and aid you in making your business run smoothly.







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