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Who are we and what can we do for you?

Who Are We

DotC Studios Ltd are a bespoke software and games development company, based in South Wales, central to Cardiff and the Rhondda Valleys, with an international reach.
Established in 2019, we’ve been producing web applications, mobile apps for Android and iOS, mobile and desktop games, and cloud based solutions for customers worldwide.

Our Team

Our team, like our products, are adaptive and responsive, and we pride ourselves on our personable approach. We are capable of producing entire products from concept to delivery, whether it is an adaptive enterprise web application to ensure your business can run anywhere in the world, a cross-platform suite of products so that all devices keep you moving, or an interactive gaming experience with all the art and sound for your educational or entertainment goals, our team can help you achieve them.

Our HQ

DotC’s office is located in Llantrisant, and we share it with many thriving local businesses. Our base of operations is a bustling, positive and inclusive place to work and we love being here. When you contact us, you’ll speak to a real person working directly for the business, who’ll speak sensibly about your needs and avoid jargon so you can be confident in the service that you are getting.

Our Process

When you come to us, our first priority is scoping out exactly what you need and talking with you about how we can realistically achieve that for you. Conducting thorough analysis of your needs, we can then supply you with a pricing estimate and, if you’re happy, get started making your business goals a reality. We take pride in our approachable, accessible attitude to software development and we always strive for excellence and transparency in all areas of our business. We do our best for you because anything else simply wouldn’t cut it.

A Little Bit About Our Past

Since we established DotC Studios in December of 2019, we have been on a journey to deliver the cutting edge in software development to our customers. Here’s a look at how we got to where we are today, and everything it took to achieve our own success.


Two ambitious nerds - friends and colleagues Chris and James - start their adventure into the world of business with a shared vision for creating delightful products, and a great place to work, fuelled by their passion for software and games, as well as vast quantities of coffee.


An emerging global health crisis and resulting sweeping restrictions threaten to throttle the company’s potential, forcing the team away from the office to re-strategize and to support their customers through a difficult time - which we continue to prioritise.


Having developed a broad range of customers, covering the development of web application, cross-platform mobile apps, and computer games, the company continues to grow despite a tumultuous year for businesses across the world, and takes on their first new hire since founding.


The company celebrates a year in business, having established clients in general software and gaming, hired their first junior developer, and are on the cusp of welcoming a third director to the team, an artist and animator who will provide creative direction to the team and allow for a more diverse customer and portfolio base.


With the new creative director on site, the company wins development projects for two new mobile game IPs, for both public and private sectors. These projects help to establish the company as a worthy modern game developer.


The company welcomes yet another new member to the team, our first apprentice developer. With the team quickly growing, customers new and old trust us to deliver improved, more sizeable modern product solutions, and the team expands development of our own IPs in house.


Celebrating two full years in business, the company takes on yet again another new developer to assist in the expansion of the game development branch as we look to the near future where we’ll introduce the world to a number of internal product offerings in both software and gaming.

Our Core Values

At DotC Studios, we pride ourselves not only on the services we offer, but also on the core values we instill in every aspect of our company, from the top to the bottom.



We believe transparency and open honest communications are the foundation of any successful relationship.



Working with clients to pursue goals that are attainable and realistic, helps us to deliver consistently successful outcomes for our clients.



We understand our staff have lives of their own, we facilitate flexible working days and remote working whenever it’s feasible.



Learning is fun, especially when you love what you do for a living. We are constantly training and developing our skills to make sure we stay in line with industry standards.



We go above and beyond where it counts, making sure we add a sprinkle of surprise whenever possible. Life’s not worth living if you can’t make things special.

About Us

Meet Our Directors

portrait of James Thomas

James Thomas

I retrained for a career in software when I discovered the ‘magic’ of coding. Most people will remember moments when they’ve felt truly inspired, and my aspiration is to create these moments.

portrait of Chris Leyshon

Chris Leyshon

One of my favourite things is that moment when there’s a ‘click’ and something makes sense. I strive to have as many of those moments as possible for myself and the team.

portrait of Alex Thompson

Alex Thompson

For me, every day needs to be better than its predecessor. In our rapidly progressing industry you need to be on top of your game, which is why it’s important to always be learning.

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